Saturday, March 16, 2013

New Call for Submissions from Lyrical Press!

Urban Fantasy erotica – Sub-genre of fantasy defined by a fantastic narrative in an urban setting. Although usually set in contemporary modern times and containing supernatural elements, stories can take place in historical, futuristic, or fictional settings. The prerequisite is, the key setting must primarily be a city.
  • Sensuality level: Burning 
  • Required word count: 30,000 - 95,000 words 
  • Key Characteristics: Edgy erotic romance set primarily in an urban city. Strong sexual relationship between main characters. Multiple partners acceptable. Elements of bondage and S&M that explore the dominant/submissive roles of a BDSM relationship welcome. GLBT welcome.
  • Deadline: None 
Go ahead and try to shock us. We dare you. 
Renee Rocco
President and CEO, Lyrical Press, Inc.

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