Sunday, October 30, 2011

Jewel Heist!

I don't usually put an exclamation point after a book's title, but this one deserves it, I think. Jewel Heist, by multi-pubbed author jj Keller, has been released at Lyrical Press. And no wonder it's listed as an All Romance Ebooks bestseller. It's fabulous.

The story centers around Mary, a jewelry designer with her grandfather's firm. Mary has a history of being attracted to the wrong sorts of men. Undoubtedly hot men, but just not right for her. They tend to burn her. And this last one, Conrad, is a doozy. When she's at her most vulnerable, he robs her grandfather's jewelry store of a million dollars' worth of precious diamonds. That's not her only problem. She has to conceive a child in five days before the fertility shots she's taken are wasted and the future of her family business goes up in smoke. Conrad, the jerk, was going to be her donor. Now she has to find someone else. Thank goodness she has friends with a plan to help. Now, if only she can recover the diamonds, find a suitable donor and escape from Conrad and his even more felonious and dangerous partner in crime with her life intact, she'll have it made in the shade. But she didn't count on John Wang, ex-cop and undercover insurance investigator.

Jewel Heist is a page turner, but don't take my word for it. Check it out!

Diamonds used to be this girl's best friend. 

Jewelry designer Mary Keefe has been robbed--of a million dollars in diamonds belonging to her grandfather--by her own boyfriend, Conrad. Besides recovering the jewels, she's got to conceive a baby within 5 days, to save her family's legacy. Her friends have a plan, a singles cruise so Mary can find a sperm donor with the best qualities. The first mate could be the right choice--he rates a five on the Donor List. Then there's John Wang, her neighbor in the adjoining room. Attraction sizzles between them and they've become friends, but he doesn't act interested. Could be, she's not his type.

For John Kajiyama, posing as Wang, Mary Keefe is just his type. She's beautiful, funny and sweet...but is she innocent? Diamonds are missing and he must recover  them for the insurance company. How far will he go to maintain his cover in this investigation?

Here's an excerpt:

Mary was adorable--Debbie’s age equaled hers. “What happened when you went to the can?” John asked.
“Saw a ghost.” She outlined the shape of his mouth with her tongue, moving him to act on his desires.
He hesitated. What was her game? He took a step back.

“If you’re not going to be serious.” Heart thumping, pounding on his ribcage, John knew what he had to do. He released her, picked up her purse and shoes. “Good night, Mary.”

True fear tightened her face. Pain glazed her eyes. “No. Please, I don’t want to be alone tonight.”

Arms folded at her waist, chin lowered, she whispered, “I’m afraid.”

He flung her items and tucked her close. She had every reason to be scared. Two men who’d robbed her jewelry store were still at large and at this time, she wasn’t clear from suspicion.

Swaying in time to the music, he tried to relax her. “What about now?”

Her cheek dropped against his shoulder. “I like Daughtry. He has a nice, raspy voice. We share the same taste in music.”

“Do you believe in love? Quick, sharp, gut-wrenching love?” He kissed the soft skin of her shoulder.

“I want to believe. Mostly I’ve been disappointed. I hope…”

He lifted her arms to rest on his shoulders again, seeking that connection. “Yes, what do you hope?”

“I hope to find love before it’s too late.” She shook her head. “Most of the guys I’ve been attracted to don’t stay. My last boyfriend was a scumbag.” Her breath caught in her throat, making it sound like a sob. “I thought I saw a guy who looked like him in the hallway. Terrified me.”

Her words floated in the air with spurts and sputters. Fear, true fright came from each word.

“If it was him, would he hurt you?” Slow removal of hairpins allowed the strands to flow down her back.

“He stabbed me here.” Mary tapped John’s heart. “A little theatrical. Sorry. Physically? Yes, I can imagine him getting angry and assaulting me.” She shivered.

Rubbing her arms, he put his cheek against hers. “I’ll protect you.”

She kissed him, transforming that fear energy into passion. Her cupid lips hit the target, as if the love angel had shot his arrow. John Kajiyama confirmed he was in love with Mary Keefe.

He held her face in his hands. “You don’t have to pretend an interest in me. I’ll protect you.” His words came out hard, but he didn’t move away. “Maybe I should go look for the guy now.”
* * * *
Mary whipped his hands away, but aligned her gaze with his. “No, I was wrong. That man couldn’t be my ex. He’s running from the law. I’m not faking romance with you in order to have safety. From the time I flattened you to the sofa, I’ve felt a spark. When you held me in the pool, embers flickered. I was hoping tonight I could see if a fire would ignite.”

She was shocked the words had left her mouth. What had she been thinking, disclosing her past and then freely sharing her desire to be with him? She shouldn’t consider a relationship with him. Love wasn’t in the future for her. But a fling, one night to make the magic happen. Should she?

One night to feel the joy of being with this stunning man who looked at her as if she were the only female on a ship which appeared to have two women for every man.

One night to experience the enchantment of love.

You can find Jewel Heist by jj Keller at It's right on the first page under New This Week.
Check out jj's website for more stories from this wonderful author, There you'll find all her books, and she's got some great trailers too.

I had the best time editing this book. As many times as I read Jewel Heist during the editing cycle--five?Six times or more?--I read it again upon completion and later this year, will likely pop it up on my computer screen and read it yet again. It's that good!