Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kudos to Mason!

Mega congratulations go out to a very special author on my roster, a.c. Mason. She will likely not toot her own horn about this; she gets out there and promotes her books, but a horn tooter--no. So, I will shout hurrah and do the happy dance for her. Please join in!

a.c. has racked up nominations in the Authors After Dark Bookie Awards for 2012.
Check this out:
Nominated for Fantasy Short Story of the Year--Aequitas II: Punishment

For Series of the Year--The Wolf Spirit Series

For Best Couple in a Series--VanWolf and Alexia in Chocolate Damsel. I could not agree more. Van Wolf is a delicious leading man: hot and gruff, incredibly brave with a heart of gold. Alexia is the type of a heroine we all love: witty and generous-hearted, and she just does not give up when it comes to saving those she loves.

For Cross Genre Novel of the Year--Chocolate Damsel

And that's just for her books with Lyrical Press. Her book Night Reins has received two well-earned nominations and her wonderful blog, IRMC Books received a nomination too!

a.c. is nominated in prestigious company, and rightly so. I'm thrilled for her. She's amazing. Through her own determination she's grown as an author and perfected her craft, and is also always willing to share her knowledge or support her fellow writers. And, she's a devoted mom and has another full time career besides being an author. Told ya. Amazing.

Best wishes to a.c. Mason in the Bookie Awards! I hope she wins every award she's been nominated for.