Thursday, February 3, 2011

New and Exciting

I've been terribly remiss with blogging, but now that the holiday craziness is over and I'm settling into the day job again, I'm back on track.  Feels good. :)
First congratulations are due to "my" authors with recent releases, SW Vaughn and a.c. Mason!
SW Vaughn's Shades of Black released December 6, 2010 with Lyrical Press, and features Dell Ramone, a smart, sexy transvestite who has it all. Until her worst nightmare returns in the form of Loyal Sims, who systematically strips everything she holds dear from her in the most vicious and horrifying ways.
Once again, SW Vaughn has created fabulous characters. They are so real, and the story...well, you'll be saying "Oh my God!" out loud every time the plot turns. Best not to read it in church or a library or you'll be given the hairy eyeball and getting shushed continually.
This is the fourth in the House Phoenix urban fantasy series, and let me tell you, no less intense than Broken Angel, Devil's Honor and Mask of the Serpent. It grabs you by the throat and holds you captive until the last word. I'm thrilled to have Alpha Male, the fifth in the House Phoenix series coming up for edits. Jenner is just the coolest character. I wonder what he's been up to lately...
a.c. Mason has done it again as well, with Aequitas II: Punishment, which released January 17th. Auria and Grant are back, and up to their hineys in conflict. Of biblical proportions. Not only are their necks and childrens' lives on the line, and the love they bear each other, but the fate of  the universe. The aequitas are in a battle for their freedom, and their opponent? God. a.c. Mason has created their unseen world with such skill, she makes me believe. You will too.
She's such a versatile author, and next from her imagination comes Chocolate Damsel. Sexy, exciting, intriguing, it's a paranormal romance featuring a tough, smoking hot hero fighting inner demons as he struggles not to fall for brave, totally lovable Alexia during Paris's darkest days in WWII.
Both these amazing authors' books can be found at
Do check out Shades of Black and Aequitas II: Punishment, and add two "keepers" to your library!