Friday, October 22, 2010


Major kudos and happy dancing all around to Daisy Banks for her first release with Lyrical Press, A Matter of Some Scandal on Monday, October 18th.

There's a sea of Regency romances out there, dear readers, but Ms. Bank's creation stands well above them. Her characters are so much fun. They say, "Hang convention, I'm going to get what I want," and then do it. At the risk of freedom, wealth and their very lives. Not to mention reputation in society.

In those days, as readers of Regencies know, reputation was everything. Fortunes rose and fell, lives were destroyed or made with a nod from the right person or a hint of scandal. A liason, especially sexual, could ruin a young woman's life and brand a man a rake. Being a wonderful writer, Ms. Banks of course tortures her hero and heroine with all these things.

Pru is no shy retiring miss, but a young widow. All she wants is to live her life in relative peace. But Argyle, her one-time true love, won't let her. From the first paragraph, he sets her teeth on edge and wrenches her heart. Then the story gets really good.                                                                                                                                                               .
Historical lovers, A Matter of Some Scandal is for you. Romance readers who've never tried a historical, this is for you too. It's novella length, with plenty of steamy scenes, heartbreak and rapier wit. You'll feel as if you're in Georgian England, and want to cheer Pru on in her quest to show Argyle Clairmonte hell hath no fury like Prudence Wellbourn scorned. If only Argyle wasn't so scorchingly hot though, and didn't know how to push all her buttons, it wouldn't be so frustrating for poor dear Pru. Hah! Enjoy yourselves, dear readers. You won't be able to help it. :)