Monday, June 6, 2011

Whoop! Whoop! Here's to a Hot Summer Read

Went to the shore this Memorial Day Weekend, and though in Maine the water is much too cold for wading, just walking on the sand and breathing in the briny air made me think summer.  Heat and sun and cool water, and me lazing about on the ginormous pink shell floatie the BFF Jill, an icy cold beverage in its cupholder. ('Member that commercial where Grandma's texting and her daughter asks who she's talking to? "IDK, my BFF Jill," Grandma replies. Yes, alcohol was likely involved in the christening of the pink floatie.)
I am so ready for summer and the beach. Aren't you?
And what could be better while you're sunning on the sand or gliding about the waves on your BFF Jill than reading a great book!
If You Dare by Reece Brett releases Monday, June 6th at Lyrical Press. Put it in your beach bag via your ereader device. You can download it in ten formats, and you'll want to get it. It's sizzling!

How far will Cara go to create the most sensuous scene and win the dare?

Cara never could resist a dare from Trevor MacHugh, which always meant
trouble. As children, his dares led them to spills in the river,
 hiding out from annoyed neighbors and trips to the ER. Now as an
adult, his dare leads to a steamy fitness room, carousing on a pirate
ship, and a stimulating limo ride. Cara's determined to achieve
partner status at her prestigious law firm in record time--she's not a
daring, spontaneous child any more. There's no room in her life for
goofing around. Until Trevor reappears, uprooting her life with
 another outrageous dare. Should she use his fame to gain status--and
can she still outplay him at his own game?

Popular in the tabloids and with his fans, romance writer Trevor feels
he's a fraud. His pen has dried up. Then he sees Cara, and knows he
needs the inspiration and closeness with his best friend to achieve
the happiness he's created for his characters. Does that wild,
 imaginative child still exist beneath her staid suits and stern
expression? Cara never could resist a dare...

Can you?

Warning: Explicit sex

You'll love the main characters, Cara and Trevor. They're smart and fun, and the chemistry between them is hot, hot, hot! So slather yourself with sunscreen, load some beverages to keep hydrated and if you're aboard the BFF Jill, do tie your floatie off to the shore with a long line so you don't end up out to sea. Once you start reading If You Dare, you won't be able to stop. This is a perfect beach read: fast paced, exciting, full of heat, sun and surf and sensuality. And may I just say, Trevor is one of the most adorable men I've ever "met".
Here's a bit more to tease your readerly appetite:

Trevor stretched beside the car. For a June afternoon, it was unseasonably warm to be standing in an empty field. He recognized the bag beside him. “George why…”
He never got the answer; George drove away leaving him stranded on a deserted road. He glanced around.
A distant roar of a motorcycle alerted him. It was only one cycle and could be the ride he needed. There were no houses in any direction. He straightened; he could hold his own if he needed to. The cycle pulled up directly beside him. A short guy straddled the bike. Trevor could see nothing through the dark blue visor. As he glanced at the leathered outfit, his pulse beat faster. Behind the leather and helmet was a shapely female. He concentrated on the visor.
She unfastened the helmet, and removed it, shaking out blond curls. Familiar sapphire eyes stared back. “Need a ride somewhere, buddy? I give good rides.”
Trevor opened his mouth and nothing came out.
“Get on the back, big boy. I’m in charge of your day.”
He’d awakened from some dream. This vision in clinging leather was Cara.
“Get on, buster, I don’t ask twice.” She refastened the helmet and added, “And it might be a long time before another ride is offered.”
He stuffed his bag in the side holder, climbed aboard and had barely grabbed Cara’s waist before she roared down the street. A million questions floated through his head, but the noise made them unanswerable. When and how did Cara learn to drive a cycle like this? This was definitely not a father-approved mode of travel. Society women did not dress in figure conforming leather, nor did they whip through the streets on a bright blue Honda.
She whizzed through the streets of Sea Isle City and pulled into a dirt path behind the beaches. He slowly dismounted. She silently got off the bike, flipped her helmet to the ground and unzipped the leather jacket. He wet his lips and couldn’t take his eyes off the slowly descending zipper.
A minuscule sapphire bikini matching the color of her bike and her eyes was the only thing beneath the leather. She dropped the jacket beside the helmet and unzipped the side of the leather pants. She leaned forward to unfasten the buckles at the end of her pants. His mouth dried like the Sahara desert as two rounded pink breasts on the verge of dropping out were revealed.

Huge congratulations to Reece Brett, author of If You Dare and one of my favorite people. Her dedication, talent and hard work shine through in the skill in which she weaves her totally fun, sometimes heartstring-pulling story set at the Jersey Shore and featuring these wonderful characters. Mega kudos to you, Reece!

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